Sustainable Pakistan Conference 2020

Sustainability in the Fashion Industry

We will be speaking at the Sustainable Pakistan Conference, on how textile companies from Pakistan are well-positioned for sustainable, innovative and digital solutions for the global Fashion industry.

Organized by Consulting Service International, in association with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.

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Manufacturers in Pakistan present valuable opportunities for European brand and retailers to diversify their sourcing portfolio, enhance sustainability or launch innovative projects; Western buyers present opportunities for growth and international exposure. Both sides have the chance to be part of an innovative movement leading the way towards sustainability in the fashion industry.

The global fashion industry is undergoing profound changes that pose challenges to brands and retailers. Sustainability and digitization are becoming topics not just appreciated by consumers, but required by new regulations, expected by shareholders and necessary in the constant quest for competitiveness. As China’s manufacturing sector is restructuring, buyers are readjusting their sourcing activities and exploring new manufacturing markets, including Pakistan.

Pakistan offers unexpected solutions to many of these challenges. Be it locally sourced, sustainable materials, business leaders ready to innovate, or transparent and compliant factories that can provide relevant details of their process, Pakistan already possesses the means to take on challenges of the 21st century.